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Nancy Skolos +
Thomas Wedell

Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell are the talented husband-and-wife design team who create our annual competition posters. Year after year—since 1986—Skolos and Wedell's originality and rigorous interdisciplinary process captures the spirit of the Lyceum and elevates each year’s competition. Skolos-Wedell's poster designs have won numerous awards and have been exhibited internationally.


The practice of Skolos-Wedell seamlessly merges the boundaries between graphic design, photography, and typography, fusing two-and three-dimensional space through overlapping type and image. Influential designers and educators, and 2017 AIGA medalists, Skolos-Wedell’s work has been widely exhibited and published in the U.S. and internationally. "Building on historical precedents, we explore the representational and material qualities of two-dimensional space through the construction and configuration of images, symbols and words."

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Lyceum Program Authors

  • 1986
    Jon McKee, AIA, Mark Hutker, FAIA, Peter Vincent, FAIA
  • 1987
    Peter D Waldman
  • 1988
    Sidney K Robinson, AIA;
    Cynthia Weese, FAIA
  • 1989
    Eugene Kupper
  • 1990
    Peter Forbes, FAIA
  • 1991
    Amy Christie Anderson
  • 1992
    Alan Joseph Plattus
  • 1993
    Samuel Mockbee, FAIA,
    AIA Gold Medalist
  • 1994
    Charles W Moore, FAIA,
    AIA Gold Medalist
  • 1995
    James Cutler, FAIA;
    Bruce Anderson, AIA
  • 1996
    Jeremiah Eck, FAIA
  • 1997
    Carlos Jimenez
  • 1998
    Brian Mackay-Lyons, FRCA, FRAIC, Hon FAIA
    RAIC Gold Medal
  • 1999
    Stanley Saitowitz
  • 2000
    Brian Healy, FAIA
  • 2001
    Deborah Berke, FAIA
  • 2002
    Rick Joy, FAIA
  • 2003
    Carol Burns, FAIA
  • 2004
    Ted Flato, FAIA
  • 2005
    Jennifer Siegal
  • 2006
    Keith Moskow, FAIA
  • 2007
    Marlon Blackwell, FAIA
    AIA Gold Medalist
  • 2008
    Monica Ponce de Leon, AIA
  • 2009
    Frank Harmon, FAIA
  • 2010
    Steven Ehrlich, FAIA, RIBA
  • 2011
    Wendell Burnette, FAIA
  • 2012
    Peter Bohlin, FAIA, AIA Gold
    Medalist; Ray Calabro, AIA;
    Denis Schofield, AIA
  • 2013
    Matthew Miller, Emily Pilloton,
    Thomas Gardner
  • 2015
    Charles Renfro, FAIA
  • 2016
    Eric Höweler, FAIA
  • 2017
    Tod Williams, FAIA and Billie Tsien, AIA
  • 2018
    Craig Dykers, FAIA, LEED AP,
  • 2019
    David Darling, AIA
    Lyceum Fellowship '87/3rd Place
  • 2020
    Katherine Darnstadt,AIA
  • 2021
    The Trustees of Reservations and Mark Hutker, FAIA
  • 2022
    Murray Legge, FAIA
    Lyceum Fellowship '88/1st Place
  • 2023
    Douglass Alligood AIA, LEED AP, NOMA
    BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group
  • 2024
    Elizabeth Gray and Alan Organschi, Principals
    Gray Organschi Architecture