Thank you for this life-changing opportunity.

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Rachel Coulomb

By starting graduate school immediately after, I could see the reflection of my travels in my studio work. If it weren’t for this fellowship, I would not have been exposed to the concepts that drove my design experimentation. Once again, thank you so much for this unforgettable experience!

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Joshua Antolovic

Overall, this was absolutely a life-changing trip.

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Ambikesh Mishra

The opportunity to travel and deeply explore my interests in architecture and design was an incredible one. Participating in the competition and all the future work that has been an incredible experience that has further fueled my desire to improve my skill-set and design better spaces. I am very grateful and feel very privileged to have had this incredible experience. Thank you to my mentor and the people at the Lyceum foundation who organize this competition every year for making all this possible

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Alex Gormley

Alex Gormley

The primary goal for my travel was to study how other cities use their stairways to activate public life in the community.

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Michael Honyak

Michael Honyak

Here it is more about the journey than the destination. The winding path that meanders along a few hundred-foot-tall sea cliffs instilled sublime feelings as I headed toward the temple.

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