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Congratulations, 2022 Competition Winners!

1st Place - Langston Dailey - University of Tennessee

2nd Place - Devon Rowley - Marywood University

3rd Place - Isabel Vineyard - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jon McKee Prize - Joy Mullappally - University of Cincinnati

Citation - Byron Armacost - University of Cincinnati

Merit - Noemie Ouellet - Laval University

Merit - Nicolas Stetkevych - University of Cincinnati

Merit - Brandon Hing - University of Southern California

Merit - David Rodriguez - Tulane University

Merit - Yishu Yu - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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2022 Competition


Project for The Friesenhahn Cave Site

Program author and past Lyceum Fellowship winner, Murray Legge, challenges students to create a solution to this intriguing site.

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The opportunity to travel and deeply explore my interests in architecture and design was an incredible one. Participating in the competition and all the future work that has been an incredible experience that has further fueled my desire to improve my skill-set and design better spaces. I am very grateful and feel very privileged to have had this incredible experience. Thank you to my mentor and the people at the Lyceum foundation who organize this competition every year for making all this possible

Ambikesh Mishra 2017, Second Place

Overall, this was absolutely a life-changing trip.

Joshua Antolovic 2017, 1st Place

By starting graduate school immediately after, I could see the reflection of my travels in my studio work. If it weren’t for this fellowship, I would not have been exposed to the concepts that drove my design experimentation. Once again, thank you so much for this unforgettable experience!

Rachel Coulomb 2017, 3rd Place

Thank you for this life-changing opportunity.

Leslie Finnie 2018, 1st Place

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2022 Winners Announced!

The competition programs have spanned the continent and globe, challenging students to think broadly about the venues and opportunities for creative design, environmental and social impact.

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2022 Competition


Faculty are enthusiastically encouraged to structure design studios around Lyceum competition briefs. Sign up for our emails to be among the first to learn about new competitions on the website. "The Lyceum Fellowship Competition is an outstanding learning experience for the student competitors and faculty advisors. The project brief provides a detailed and informed foundation, and the integration of developing a travel proposal along with a design project encourages expansive thinking. Aspects raised through design inquiry open portals to seeking in-situ learning. The method of presentation encourages both independent exploration and the focus to convey ideas through concise expression. While the prizes are substantial, it was evident that an incredibly valuable semester was its own reward." Joanna Lombard, University of Miami Faculty Advisor