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You are applying for the 2024 Lyceum Fellowship competition. For full eligibility requirements, prize information and project details, please download the program brief.

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Application deadline is May 23, 2024 at 8pm EST.

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I am currently enrolled in an accredited school of architecture

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Prior to this competition, my travel experience was:
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Write a brief statement of intent regarding your travel, if awarded a prize (100 to 250 words). Include intended travel destinations. Describe the relationship, if any to your ongoing studies. The travel statements are reviewed by the jurors. When deciding between travel award winners and merit winners, a well-conceived and meaningful travel statement may elevate a project. Please note, this description cannot be edited once submitted.

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You will be charged $15 upon submission. Please note, the entry fee is not refundable.

I confirm that I meet the eligibility requirements and that all the information provided is accurate.

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PLEASE NOTE: Once you SUBMIT you will not be able to further edit the application information.

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