2003 Poster
2003 Competition

Reinventing the House on Wheels

2003 Competition Overview

The "mobile home" and its "park" are still-common sites across North America, even though the present-day house on wheels is not so mobile anymore, usually making only one move, from the factory to the site. Today's houses on wheels-manufactured housing provides a realistic option for dwelling. However, neither this house nor its site has been informed by architectural design thinking. The challenge of the competition is to reconceive the house on a permanent chassis along with its setting.

...Today, chassis-based houses shelter more than 12-1/2 million Americans, accounting recently for 25 percent of new housing starts in the US. Manufactured houses satisfy preferences for norms of ownership, detached dwelling, and private outdoor space. They have found strong market acceptance as a cost-worthy substitute for conventional construction, especially for first-time homebuyers and retirees.

...The architectural charge is to design the space between three manufactured houses as well as the houses themselves. Workably limited in scope and scale, the task includes the scale of architectural detail, in which fractions of an inch matter, to the scale of settlement, a segment of a newly conceived community that incorporates urban design thinking. The three houses include one singlewide, one doublewide, and one courtyard house located contiguously.


Carol Burns, AIA

Jury Chair & Program Author
Taylor & Burns Architects
Boston, MA

Allison Arieff

Editor in Chief
Dwell Magazine

Jennifer Siegal

Office of Mobile Design
Los Angeles, CA

Elliot Fabri

CEO, New Era Building Systems
Manufacturer of modular housing
Strattanville, PA

Peter N. Vincent, AIA

Lyceum Fellowship Committee
Peter Vincent & Associates, LLC
Honolulu, HI

2003 Winners

Joel Davenport
1st Prize

Joel Davenport

University of Cincinnati

Kumiko Ouch
2nd Prize

Kumiko Ouchi

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Jesus Gomez
3rd Prize

Jesus Gomez

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Ryan Meeka

Ryan Meeka

University of Arizona

Alphonso Bautista

Alphonso Bautista

University of Illinois at Chicago

David West

David West

Boston Architectural College