1997 Poster
1997 Competition

Visitor and Information Center for Galveston Island’s Wetlands and Bird Sanctuary

1997 Competition Overview

The design of the 6,500 square feet Visitor and Information Center is to be an entryway into the bird and wetlands sanctuary and should aim to contribute to the public's awareness of the region's delicate and compelling wetlands and its rich aviary-like environment. The site, a flat and rebuilt portion of land located between the main roadway and Galveston Bay, enjoys some of the most amazing views of the protected wetlands to the south. The project is both an education center as well as a means to focus on the environs from a privileged vantage point(s). Important issues to consider in the design of the building(s) are: solidity of construction (hurricane resistance) yet lightness of structure, the integration of the building(s) to the site and the maximization of views at each level.


Carlos Jimenez

Jury Chair & Program Author
Carlos Jimenez Studio
Houston, TX

Mack Scogin

Scogin Elam & Bray Architects
Atlanta, GA

Sheila Kennedy

Kennedy Violich Architects
Roxbury, MA

Karen Fairbanks

Scott Marble • Karen Fairbanks Architects
New York, NY

Peter N. Vincent

Lyceum Fellowship Committee
Architect, Honolulu, HI

1997 Winners

1997 1St Place Celso Gonzales Page 2
1st Prize

Celso Gonzales

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Christopher Kaiser
2nd Prize

Chrisoph G. Kaiser

Arizona State University

Brent Horez
3rd Prize

Brent D. Horez

Rhode Island School of Design

Jesse Tucker

Jesse G. Tucker

Rhode Island School of Design

1997 Merit Jason Beal Page 2

Jason Beal

Rhode Island School of Design