1st Place Pavel Savine University of Arizona
2nd Place Pavlo Kryvozub University of Cincinnati
3rd Place Tyler Jorgenson University of Arizona
Citation Laura Huylebroeck University of Arizona
Merit Jillian Crandall Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Merit Alex Fritz Miami University (Ohio)
Merit Micol Fronza McGill University
Merit Justin Nguyen McGill University

The International Community Center in Abuja, Nigeria

Steven Ehrlich, Author

This is a moment of great excitement and energy in Nigeria. Along with other Africans, Nigerians rejoiced over the election of Barack Obama. They eagerly anticipate how the new American president will deliver on his pledge to African nations to accelerate their integration into the global economy, promote democracy and fight poverty. A new generation of leaders, inspired by Obamas call for change, is poised to inherit the country.

Nigerians refer to their homeland, the most populous on the continent with 140 million residents, as “ the giant of Africa.” Abuja is the country's jewel, the repository of Nigeria's dreams for a better future.

A planned capital like Canberra and Brasilia, Abuja lies at the hilly crossroads between the heavily Christian south, with its tropical climate, and the savannah of the Muslim north. Combining the topography of both, it symbolically knits Nigeria's sometimes fractious population together.

The Design Problem presented here challenges students to dig deep for a design solution that is simultaneously local and global, contemporary and mindful of the past. It asks what is culturally and socially appropriate, so that the building will resonate with meaning for the people who will use it.

Participating Schools:

Boston Architectural College

Cooper Union

McGill University

Miami University (Ohio)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rhode Island School of Design

Southern California Institute of Architecture

University of Arkansas

University of Arizona

University of Cincinnati

University of Illinois - Chicago

University of Miami

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

University of Oregon

Woodbury University