1st Place Alexander Tsimailo Moscow Architectural Institute
2nd Place Jessica Alexis Boughrum University of Cincinnati
3rd Place Heather S. Grey McGill University
Citation Orlov George Moscow Architectural Institute
Merit John Mistriotis Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Merit Franchan Lena Moscow Architectural Institute

Center For Learning

James Cutler, Author

A center for learning will be constructed within a grove of towering fir trees, gently sloped to a small forested wetland sitting at the edge of sprawling development. Light is filtered here, moving shafts against the moss, reflecting the movement of time. Sounds are muffled. Rain falls softly, caught in the canopy above and allowed to drop slowly to the earth.

The solution to this problem must explore the pressure of development on the edge of urbanization.

Integrating the architecture to the land, respecting the value that non-diminished nature brings to the humans that will inhabit the site, preserving the long-term health of the forest, all are necessary and vital. This project is capable of providing a valid example to all, that development and environment can exist together.

The center is made up of three major components: a library, a lecture hall and quarters for visiting scholars

Participating Schools:

The Boston Architectural Center

University of Cincinnati

McGill University

Moscow Architectural Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Southern California Institute of Architecture