1st Place David Robert Hurst University of Cincinnati
2nd Place Rodion Pivovarvov Moscow Architectural Institute
3rd Place Kai Wood Mah McGill University
Citation Alexander Trosov Moscow Architectural Institute
Merit Olga Sokolovskaya Moscow Architectural Institute
Merit Anna Tetereva Moscow Architectural Institute
Merit Julia Pahlova Moscow Architectural Institute

Mound Bayou: A Machine in the Field

Samuel Mockbee, Author

The Mississippi Delta is the cradle of America's first authentic music: the Blues. The site: Mound Bayou is comprised mostly of one-story, small scale brick and framed buildings. Many are in poor condition with many altogether abandoned.

Visiting musicians will study, recreate, relax and be housed in facilities managed by Mound Bayou. During their time at the retreat, visiting musicians will be urged to combine their musical discipline and knowledge with the improvisational talents of local Blues players. Delta musicians will provide seminars and field trips to local and gospel gatherings.

Frequent public concerts will be presented in the auditorium or amphitheater. The design is a monument of sorts, something intended to symbolize the affirmation of the community's struggle to exist. The project should be approached as an act of responsibility, an offering to Mound Bayou that provides the community with a symbol of advancement.

Participating Schools:

The Boston Architectural Center

University of Cincinnati

McGill University

Moscow Architectural Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Washington University