1st Place Bob Schatz Southern California Institute of Architecture
2nd Place William Shaw The Boston Architectural Center
3rd Place Yuval Gluska The Cooper Union
Citation Brett Tipert Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Merit Roger Broome The Cooper Union
Merit Peter Pawlak The Cooper Union
Merit Conetyk The Cooper Union

Foundation Myths and Cultural Transformations
The Architecture of a Place

Eugene Kupper, Author

Within the bowl-shaped open area approximately 300' x 500' in the northern half of MacArthur Park, create an urban arena. The arena will enfront Wilshire Boulevard, and be bordered on the other three sides by the existing heavy planting and sloping terrain. The park will surround and interact with the arena so that a geographical symbolism is made evident

Design the arena as a three-dimensional complex for community celebrations and planning. Symbolically, the arena is a cosmopolis.

Design the arena as a place for the participant to become inspired about the culture of this city, and to realize that the world can be reached through its national and ethnic neighbors. A plan of study communication and travel can be made. A living exhibition of world cultures.

Participating Schools:

The Boston Architectural Center

The Cooper Union

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Southern California Institute of Architecture

University of Cincinnati